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Engaging Customer Propositions the John Lewis Way..

Engaging Customer Propositions are what we all (well mostly all) aspire to! Just what does engaging mean? Well, for some it is all about interacting with customers and keeping them connected to the company, and of course being there for them when they have a need.

pleasing, charming, or winning” is the free dictionary’s definition for engaging.

Although many companies are working hard on the art of customer interaction and building winning formulae for getting target customers to buy from them… few have mastered the art of pleasing or charming! Winning then becomes a dream.

When you get to the level of pleasing, charming and winning.. you are on to a good one! Hats off to John Lewis. They work hard and the continuously engaging journey, but it seems effortless. Their new Christmas ad is out today. It warms the heart as usual. Take a look 🙂


John Lewis this Christmas



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