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We have been working very hard on a magnificent Customer Leadership programme together with our colleagues at RSA. We are very pleased to announce that the CIPD has shortlisted us for the Learning and Development Consultant of the Year award 2016. We know just how much planning, insight, drive and belief went into our programme from Mark Allan and his Leadership team at RSA and the team delivering as well as those participating in the programme. We hope that we win it, for them.

The Together Academy was initiated two years ago as part of the RSA passion for “Superior Account Management and Leadership qualities”. There was no programme out there to achieve their aims and drive the level of performance and impact for individuals and the organisation. We were absolutely honoured and very excited that they chose us to design and deliver the programme with our experience and network of experts to guide them.

The year long Academy incorporates key Leadership theory as well as a strong focus on REAL implementation. It takes the participants through 5 key stages:

1. Thinking like a CEO – Changing thinking and contexts, being mindful, considering own thinking and style.

2.  Building Cross-Functional Teams – Understanding the partnership and the functions crucial to building successful partnerships, orchestrating the delivery across the team, building meaningful plans and stories together.

3. Strategic Leadership – Building goals, driving for the future not just short term goals. Using insight to drive strategic thinking.

4. Innovation – Working with tools and people to create new ideas, new propositions.

5. Business for Business – Making the shift to a partnership. Creating the best relationship model. Creating the best Account Director/Leader.

We are all very proud of the outcomes – for individuals first and foremost, and of course for the business and their partners. The business and NPS results speak for themselves. We are also very excited to be working with Beth Rogers at the University of Portsmouth, enabling some of the graduates of the Academy to progress to MA in Sales Management.

Special thanks go to the amazing team involved: Prof. Merlin Stone, Phil Banfield, Lauren Barwell, Norman Black, Nicola Carver, Sara Dean, Shahin Amir-Ebrahimi, Bryan Foss, Katherine Heseltine, Andy Gallagher, Nicole James, Gill Johnson, Dave King, Neil Lewis, Catherine Macleod-Smith, Dr Jon Machtynger, Steve Messenger, Dave Snowden, The So Team, Amanda Warwick, Ann Wright.

” A fantastic programme. I’ve got loads of great opportunities to make a real difference using the new tools acquired”  Luke Robbins, Broker Manager.

” From the outset the design and delivery of this programme has been an excellent example of true partnership. Customer Essential succeeded in getting to the heart of our “Together Strategy”. They worked with us to provide our account managers with a programme that has given them access to a range of learning. The individual impact is clear to see and collectively is supporting our ambition to be a partner of choice.” Katherine Heseltine, RSA, Learning & Development Business Partner

If you would like to drive impressive customer leadership through your teams, sales, service or marketing, we would love to hear from you.




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