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Martin Hickley

Martin is a Senior Associate Consultant at Customer Essential., working on both client projects and the Customer Essential proposition. Martin is an expert in CRM systems and the use of data for customer management, he is noted for his clear-thinking and sorting out a clear path through Data Protection for the companies we work with. Martin’s clarity of thinking enables the delivery of successful Data Strategy and Management programmes. He is also able to problem solve for those organisations who need answers quickly to their customer data issues. Martin truly understands how to drive insight from the data and knowledge in the organisation. He has written numerous Data Protection and Data Quality articles (including a chapter in a book), and speaks widely on the subject.

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Martin’s thoughts:

The great thing about working with Customer Essential is that not only do I get to deliver for great organisations, but I have constantly been learning new things from all the environments I have worked in. It’s the pleasure to learn something new everyday.

I started my career at Diner’s Club and quickly learnt about customers and their payment habits, unfortunately what they said and what they did were two different things.
Moving on from there I was responsible for the start of CRM systems at National and Provincial Building Society, by this time I was becoming an expert in the use of data for CRM and Data Protection/legislative frameworks that surround the use of Customer Data. During my time with them, we delivered several large-scale data clean-up exercises, completely changing the way the organisation dealt with customer data.

These experiences put me in a good place to take responsibility for the customer data and systems at Volkswagen UK. Working with Car Dealers which taught me a lot. Most notable lessons for me were that customer data has to be deployed properly in front of the customer for a mutual benefit. Whist at VW I overhauled the main customer and data systems, both franchise and dealer related, one of our big success stories was linking the two sets of data. This also included the development of careful quality-control mechanisms, and embedding this within Dealer Agreements.

Consultancy was my next move into IBM. Whilst at IBM I was involved in a breadth of interesting programmes and roles including; pre-sales support for CRM systems, Data Quality tools and building insurance Data Models. I was also the Data Protection spokesperson for IBM EMEA. This was a surprisingly enjoyable, yet challenging area of responsibility for such a prominent brand, and at a time when legislation in this area was really coming into its own.

I then moved into a smaller consultancy environment, where you often work much more closely with the client. I was involved from the very beginning in setting up of Customer Essential. I share the team’s passion for customer management and in particular doing the right thing with customer data.

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