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Liz Machtynger
Founder and Managing Director
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Liz Machtynger is a leading expert in the area of Customer Management (CM/CRM) strategy evaluation and development, organisational development for Customer Management, Customer Proposition Development, Key Account Management, Customer Knowledge strategies, and CM programme design.

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Liz Machtynger

Liz Machtynger

Founder and Managing Director

On a personal note Liz lives in the beautiful Surrey Hills with her husband, daughter and office dog. She is a co-founder of a local enterprise network and loves to bake cakes when she finds the time.


Liz’s thoughts:

Looking back at our history, I am most grateful to BP and IBM for different reasons. I began my career with BP in Austria, and spent 10 years on a journey around customer facing (sales, service and marketing) and leadership roles and various countries. This was a phenomenal experience and brought about the passion that I have today in REAL customer management. It also enabled me to build a strong understanding of corporate and cultural dynamics and unlocking the potential for major organisations. BP has a strong knowledge base and ethic of developing knowledge, which I believe I inherited.

My move to IBM gave me the opportunity to experience a completely different corporate life. Faster moving in many respects, profit driven and connected. IBM is driven by a constant focus on markets and customers. I am grateful to have worked with so great minds and successful individuals. There was not a problem, which could not be tracked down and cracked.

The entrepreneurial spirit will out! The move to a set up a small consultancy came out of a passion to do something different, to add real value to customers, large or small, on a daily basis, and to work with people who felt the same way.

The small business environment enables us to be more nimble and creative. It also enables us to be the people we want to be, balancing  (or is it juggling) our time between client and family priorities and corporate, public and charitable work.

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