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Andy Crane
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Andy Crane

Andy is an extremely accomplished business change manager, and knows how to delivery change effectively for the greater good of a company and its customers. Immersing himself in an organisation to bring about strategic change through effective stakeholder engagement and a collaborative and focused approach is a powerful strength and characterises Andy’s approach.

Experienced in all operational aspects of customer management, particularly for the financial services industry in UK and international markets, Andy’s key strength is effective delivery and benefits realisation in respect of customer service and claims propositions.


More from Andy:

Andy has known and worked with the team at Customer Essential for more than 8 years.

His broad experience in working at the front line of customer management through to building change strategies makes his experience invaluable. He is always in demand to deliver major change programs, but still manages to find time to ride his trusty bicycle for charity.

He works well with people throughout the organisation and is a lovely chap to work with!
Andy advises Customer Essential particularly on change programs, sales and marketing strategy and key account programs as well as adding his ideas to the development of the CE team and methodology.

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