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When Service Really Matters

If we are asked which companies we think deliver great service, I know a few of the names that might come up. We usually think of those organisations offering fantastic experience at a time of enjoyment, or service related to a purchase we really want.

There are times in our lives when service really matters. When we rely on an organisation to get it right! These things usually relate to:

  • Health
  • Schooling
  • Finances
  • Accidents
  • Personal issues or changes e.g. divorce, death in the family, retirement
  • Business issues or changes e.g. recession, acquisition

Often these times are not things that we plan for, but they are things that the organisations we deal with should be planning for. They must understand our mindset and need for service delivery.

What is it that we often look for?

  • Empathy – someone who is empathetic and understanding of our needs
  • Knowledge – the comfort that someone with experience or knowledge is dealing with us.
  • Clarity – what should I do next? What will happen next?
  • Responsibility – someone to say “don’t worry I will do that for you.
  • Action – the process driven or the matter dealt with quickly and clearly to an outcome.
  • Communication – clear and proactive communication to remind us or keep us up to date on where things are at.

What is it that really lets us down?


  • Forms
  • Process descriptions
  • Answer phones
  • Queues
  • Dealing with the wrong person
  • We have to make all the moves
  • Feeling of blame or that we have made a mistake

Often we go into important matters with a very low expectation.

E.g. We expect the bank to have a queue, we expect the insurance company not to pay out, we expect there to be many forms and lots of red tape to get through. Often we are right to have this expectation. It is when we go through one of these really important moments and meet a shining star, an organisation that understands our pressures and deals with us differently, that we really know we have received excellent service.

Many organisations deal with customers when they are going through one of these tough moments in their lives, and do not prepare their service to match. It is a real opportunity to shine and really make a difference.

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