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Compelling Customer Propositions

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Our business is as strong as the customer base we have.

•Our customer base is as strong as the proposition we offer!

Just close your eyes and think of a company you would do anything to go back to. Take a moment to consider the reasons why. Note them down, they are a good guide for you as to what is an outstanding customer proposition.

The thing is, that more often than not, the examples we think of are not extremely different or luxurious. They are often the companies that do the right thing, the thing customers really want (or didn’t really know they wanted until it was delivered). Companies that responded well in a difficult situation or delivered something special at a difficult time.

These experiences are also relevant to businesses. Often when we think of outstanding propositions, we consider them as consumers. For a business there are many more factors to put in place to stand out. More people = more complexity.

We have set out in a short series 10 challenges for extremely compelling propositions, and have told the story with a few video examples of companies that are often mentioned when discussing compelling customer propositions.

The first is Knowledgable

First things first, for a compelling proposition, you have to really know about your market, your customers and your competitors to truly understand the difference you can make. Those companies with truly compelling propositions may not be hugely different in the product they deliver but may deliver it very differently.

First Direct is a UK based bank that changed the approach to banking and perception of the banking proposition for customers.

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